Writing Personal Essays : Comments from Previous Participants

"This course raised my interest in writing personal essays. I always felt they were a bit self indulgent, but this course showed me otherwise."

"Oh, the feedback has been the best part. I'm looking forward to signing up for the next course."

"You have a wonderful style of giving constructive criticism--that is, being kind but honest.

"The feedback was in depth and much needed."

"I felt like I had really accomplished something evey time that I turned in one of the essays."

"I could access the information on my own and work independently. I liked this method and I thought that the content of the lectures was helpful in expanding my knowledge of essay writing."

"I appreciated when you commented on whether I was expressing feelings and emotions or not."

"Thank you for your helpful comments and the great course material."

"I appreciate the editing that you did."

"I surprised myself with the topics I chose to write about."

"I appreciate your comments and suggestions and lessons. I plan on taking more courses with you."

"I liked the convenience of getting the lecture and assignment at home."

"I've enjoyed all your comments."

"I am loving the course...it has inspired me to write again after a very long hiatus."

"This course has been very therapeutic for me and I would like to take the next one."

"I do like that you begin with praise-then I can sort of bask, even after I think 'uh-oh,' here it comes...and you begin the nitty gritty of teaching."

"Your comments were very constructive and valuable."

"I have had a few published pieces in the newspaper, online & won the Writer's Digest contest. You are at least a part of that-probably a nice, big part."

I have enjoyed this course immensely and will take...other courses. I have learned a lot that will help me focus in order to some day write my own book."

"Putting the painful things on paper and reading them over and over made me realize that they can no longer hurt me. That was better than the years of therapy that I have had."

"Thank you for your guidance without ridicule. That has meant a lot to me."

"I greatly enjoyed the topics that were picked for this course. They forced me to think deeply and inwardly, as well as gave me the courage to write about issues that have been locked up for years. This course has reinforced my belief that writing is a true form of medicine."

"The lectures were helpful, the assignments gave me real direction in how to begin, and the critiques were useful and encouraging. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. In a way I feel like it opened a new world to me. It made me look at my experiences and begin to understand myself better."

"The topics we wrote about were really in-depth and exciting -- topics that everyone can relate to and that force you to look inside yourself and to face the truth and write about it. I also liked the set-up and the pace of the course. I thought it was excellent."

"Promote it more! It's great! This course is my first online course, and I will definitely be taking more..."

"I have learned various methods of editing my own work and different resources to seek out for possible publishing. I have gained confidence in my personal writings from the feedback in this course."

"I have always been wary of letting others read what I wrote and critique it. Margie's critiques were always constructive and helpful, and gave me the confidence to write more and share with others."

"I had been suffering from deep depression and my doctor suggested I write about the things in my life that were depressing me. This class helped me focus on some of the unsolved issues in my life -- things I've kept locked up inside for so many years. A lot of what I've written has been very painful, but I'm learning that hiding behind antiseptic walls only masks the pain and doesn't heal the wounds. I found getting an unbiased reaction to events as told from my perspective quite rewarding."

"This course has taught me to open up to what is in my heart. Not only pain but good feelings. Not just sadness but lots of fun, too. Not just loneliness but a closeness to family and friends. I have a lot of things in my heart and in my mind that need to come out; this course has opened up a way for me to release these things."